Sunday, May 27, 2007

maybe you just need some time alone

Sometimes, it is well worth the wait for a band or an artist to take so long to create an album. One of those bands is Wilco. Their new record, Sky Blue Sky is their first new studio full-length since the band released A Ghost Is Born back in 2004. The new album could not have came out at a better time: Sky Blue Sky is just the perfect record to relax and chill-out to during the approaching hot summer days. Perhaps the reason why Sky Blue Sky is such a comforting record is because it has a wonderful balanced mixture of alternative rock, country, soul, and blues style. Go grab a cold drink of your choice, sit-back, close your eyes, and enjoy Sky Blue Sky.

Either Way [wicked-cool song]
You Are My Face [wicked-cool song]
Shake It Off [wicked-cool song]
Hate It Here [wicked-cool song]
What Light [wicked-cool song]
On And On And On [wicked-cool song]

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