Wednesday, May 23, 2007

bring me my japanese cigarette case

Does anyone even care what Spoon songs are about anymore?? Albums after albums, the band created countless indie pop anthems that are characterized by their amazing ability to create unforgettable rhythms and melodies. That is exactly why Spoon is one of those rare bands that don’t really need strong lyrics to support their music. With Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Spoon once again perfectly executed ten ultimate indie pop rock tracks. Every song from the new record can easily become the next "The Way We Get By" or "I Turn My Camera On". Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga may well be Spoon most solid effort to date; I predict that I will be spinning Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga for a long long time... I mean, it still amazes me how much I still love Kill the Moonlight after all these years!

The Ghost Of You Lingers
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Eddie's Ragga [wicked-cool song]
The Underdog [wicked-cool song]
My Little Japanese Cigarette Case [wicked-cool song]
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Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga comes out on July 10, you can preorder it here


vadpa_Ryan_Kelpin said...

i have been listening to the new album for a week straight, cherry bomb, and finer feelings are awesome.

you should have gone to the bright eyes show, gillian welch and david rawlings put on one of the best sets i have ever seen (also the only opening band that i have ever seen getting a standing ovation).

Jackman said...

haha, i was there! and yea, i enjoyed gillian welch and david rawlings, but i was extremely disappointed by bright eyes' set!!!

vadpa_Ryan_Kelpin said...

the BE set was alright, but I really wanted to hear the road joy jam session that they played at other shows. caliraudients is a great live song and the perfect opener though.

what didn't you like? I assume the leaving out of older, better songs? Kind of irritated me too.

Jackman said...

I just thought the overall sound was poor... many of the instruments were over-powering each others... making the string session a waste! But I did enjoy the songs with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings plus a few other ones.

Jackman said...

oh... and that projection thing was absolutely shit and beyond annoying!!!!!!!!!!

vadpa_Ryan_Kelpin said...

i liked the screen, I had a chat with Joey Lynch after the show because he noticed I was wearing one of the shirts he designed for saddle creek. He's a pretty cool guy, and I got to see the stuff he made the visuals with.

massey hall is the best place in the world to see a quieter band (gillian welch), but isn't always the best place to see a louder band (bright eyes), still, clairaudients is a very good opener.