Monday, May 07, 2007

i took the pictures in my head

New Moon, a two disc compilation album by the late Elliott Smith is coming out this week via Kill Rock Stars. The compilation is a collection of b-sides, demos, outtakes, etc. recorded by Smith between 1994 and 1997. At first, I was excited to hear the announcement of this release; however, I later felt afraid to hear New Moon because I thought it would make me really sad. On the contrary, this is actually a gorgeous collection of songs that in a way, celebrates the incredible talent of Elliott Smith. Yes, at certain points, this new compilation depresses me, but for the most parts, it strangely makes me happy to hear Elliott Smith (in my opinion) during the best part of his career! New Moon is not just for diehard Elliott Smith fans, it can definitely act as a brilliant collection of songs to introduce Smith’s music to new listeners!

Looking Over My Shoulder [wicked-cool song]
Going Nowhere
Riot Coming
First Timer [wicked-cool song]

Georgia, Georgia
New Disaster [wicked-cool song]
Seen How Things Are Hard [wicked-cool song]
Either/Or [wicked-cool song]
***all files expire in 7 days

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