Tuesday, April 17, 2007

let's get married

The lack of new music recommendations and song postings is brought to you by three major projects, two exams, and three essays that are all on my agenda in the next three days. However, I feel extremely guilty not updating this blog with some sweet music, so here’s my update at 5:30 in the morning. There are two bands that are helping me through this madness at the moment: The Maccabees and The Twilight Sad.
First, The Maccabees’ Colour It In is another sensational indie pop rock record coming out of the UK this year. The album features a mixture of theatrical songs with elements of The Futureheads. If you liked the indie-Brit-bands that I have been recommending recently (The Florists, Bromheads Jacket, The Good Shoes, Larrikin Love, Little Man Tate), make sure to check out The Maccabees.

Latchmere [wicked-cool song]
First Love [super-wicked-cool song]

Colour It In comes out on May 14 in the UK... go check out their wicked-cool website here.

Second, The Twilight Sad’s Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters is an absolutely gorgeous album. It is full of pure, soulful, rock and roll songs from start to finish. Further, it is by far one of the most honest sounding albums of the year. I really cannot see anyone not liking this album!

Cold Days From The Birdhouse [wicked-cool song]
Walking For Two Hours [wicked-cool song]
Talking With Fireworks/Here, It Never Snowed [wicked-cool song]
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buy Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters here


Anonymous said...

excuses, excuses :P

woo! a song about lego? score.


p.s. ew

Anonymous said...

i heart maccabees