Thursday, April 05, 2007

i have officially lost count on how many times i have re-posted old bright eyes

There has been an overwhelming request for the old Bright Eyes cassettes post in the past week or so... I guess Cassadaga is coming out in less than a week and everyone is getting really excited and want as much Bright Eyes as possible... anyways, I have uploaded all the songs once again, here is the link to that post.

Oh, and just for fun, you can download the bonus track from the 3"CD/7" Vinly from the Cassadaga pre-orders below.

Susan Miller Rag
***file expires in 7 days

Cassadaga comes out on April 10, you can pre-order it here


vadpa_Ryan_Kelpin said...

the new bright eyes album is the most disappointing album this year.

Jackman said...

really?! i actually think it's pretty good... but i guess it is not his greatest for sure!