Wednesday, June 23, 2010

nxne 2010, post-festival

Avi Buffalo—June 18, 2010 @ The Great Hall (NXNE 2010)
Avi Buffalo's setlist from The Great Hall

Favourite shows:
Avi Buffalo @ The Great Hall and @ Lee’s Palace
I saw them twice during this year’s NXNE! Although I liked the stripped-down set at The Great Hall more, both shows were absolutely wonderful! I was really surprised that more people weren’t at the shows; given the fact they put out one of the best records of 2010.

Japandroids @ Lee’s Palace
The lively set from the BC duo + the energetic packed crowd made for an extremely fun and entertaining show!

Zola Jesus @ Sneaky Dee’s
I went into Sneaky Dee’s on Thursday night not knowing what to expect— I didn’t know much about Zola Jesus and I have only started listening to Stridulum EP prior to the show. However, the moment Nika Roza (aka Zola Jesus) started to sing, I knew I was watching something special. Roza’s vocal was incredibly haunting and the music was moody and atmospheric, think Fever Ray meets Bat For Lashes.

Wavves @ Lee’s Palace
I was undecided about this show for the longest time because I didn’t think Wavves would be good live. Man was I wrong… I am really glad I went because it was fucking great! Like Japandroids later, the band was lively and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the music.

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