Thursday, March 04, 2010

the room seemed dizzy and dirty

As if their wonderful sophomore, No Hope, No Future isn’t enough, Good Shoes will be releasing another single—"The Way My Heart Beats"—on April 19th. It will be a mini-EP with three b-sides that weren’t finished in time for the album. In the meantime, the band are giving away a bundle of songs & videos on their website. The audio tracks include the b-side "Easier Easier" and an acoustic version of "The Way My Heart Beats". The bundle also includes two videos: a strange short by the band entitled Chasing Gulls and a live cover of Daniel Johnston’s "Despair Came Knocking" (OMG!)

To give you a taste of this awesome audio/video package, I have converted the cover of "Despair Came Knocking" into mp3, download it below!

Good Shoes: Despair Came Knocking (Daniel Johnston cover, live @ The Premises Studios)

Get the full goodness of the bundle by going to Good Shoe’s website and sign up for the band’s mailing list!

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Anonymous said...

Can you please post a link to the audio/video package, I hate signing up for mailing list!