Friday, March 19, 2010

blood red shoes: fire like this

Blood Red Shoes are back with Fire Like This, the band’s follow-up to the delightful debut, Box of Secrets. The duo from Brighton once again deliver a raw and fast tempo garage rock album. But the album’s highpoints for me are not the typical sounding Blood Red Shoes tracks. "When We Wake" and "Colours Fade" certainly hit me by surprise—I was not prepared to hear a Yeah Yeah Yeahs-like ballad in the former while the latter consists of 7-delicious-minutes of loud melodic drum smashing! Nevertheless, Fire Like This is still full of those energetically noisy and catchy riffs; and the always-entertaining and brilliant vocal exchanges are still split between Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell (just listen to songs like "It is Happening Again" and "Heartsink"). While I highly enjoyed Box Of Secrets, Fire Like This is a far better, more complex release by this amazing band!

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