Friday, October 16, 2009

teenage bottlerocket: they came from the shadows

Teenage Bottlerocket’s forth full-length, They Came From The Shadows is not by any means an out-of-this-world record; it is far from being original and no, it will not change your life. However, it is an extremely entertaining pop-punk album. They Came From The Shadows features 14 fast and awesomely fun 90s pop-punk sounding anthems. I was hooked on this album as soon as I heard the lines "And I did a gnarly boneless while my walkman blasted JFA" in the opening track "Skate Or Die"... any band that references JFA gets my undivided attention! An album does not need to be multi-dimensional to be great, and Teenage Bottlerocket proofed this with their simple yet ultra fun latest, They Came From The Shadows!

Skate Or Die [wicked-cool song]
Without You

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