Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the hidden cameras: origin:orphan

I can’t label myself as a fan of The Hidden Cameras; I love the track "We Oh We" from Mississauga Goddam, but that’s pretty much it. Well... that’s until I heard their brilliant new record, Origin:Orphan. The band’s fifth album begins with a very epic sounding first track, "Ratify The New", which is then contrasted by the poppy single, "In the NA". The first two songs pretty much sum up the entire album—it features a mixture of serious/grand sounding songs as well as cheery pop sensations. This is exactly why I love Origin:Orphan! It offers such a perfect balance between emotional ballads such as "Colour Of A Man" and "Walk On", and the happy-go-lucky/the best song on the album, "Underage". Every song works magically with one another and each one also has the potential to be a hit single! I fell in love with Origin:Orphan while I was hearing it for the first time, and a dozen listens later, I am still highly entertained by it!

Colour Of A Man [wicked-cool song]
Underage [super-wicked-cool song]

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