Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the shitty limits: beware the limits

The Shitty Limits is a band that is not afraid to give away their music for free. On the band’s MySpace page, you can download a handful of 7-inches for free! What a great move! I probably would have missed out on this band if it wasn’t for the free downloads of Yesterdays Heroes and Limits Appear. Well, that’s probably a lie... I would have definitely wanted more after hearing their songs from their music player! The Shitty Limits plays DIY 80s hardcore punk style music, and their debut full-length, Beware the Limits, sounds like a mixture of Chronic Sick, Rites Of Spring, Gorilla Biscuits, and my personal favourite—JFA! I don’t know what more I can say, Beware the Limits is fast, loud, explosive... it is just a frakking great punk record! The Shitty Limits is for fans of 80s hardcore punk who are longing for something new and nostalgic. If you get a chance, download the two mind-blowing 7-inches I mentioned above for FREE here!

Your Limits Are My Limits
Wonderflow [wicked-cool song]
Show Me [wicked-cool song]

visit The Shitty Limits' MySpace here
buy Beware the Limits here


Honquijote said...

Excellent shit ! I just ordered their CD... :-D

Jackman said...

Wicked! If you know anyone with a record player, you should get that person to buy this on vinyl... it sounds AMAZING on wax!