Wednesday, July 08, 2009

the drums: the drums ep

So something called The Drums EP by the The Drums surfaced on the world wide web almost a month ago. I have been looking for more music from these guys ever since I heard their incredibly catchy songs from their MySpace a while back. Naturally, I downloaded the EP and was absolutely blown away by it! It features some of the catchiest songs I have heard this year—yes, even catchier than Discovery’s LP and the new Pheonix album. After discovering my love for the EP, I wanted to buy the thing. However, I couldn’t find it anywhere; in fact, there is absolutely no information about the release online. My conclusion is that the EP is not an official release—it is either only available on tour/unreleased demos or it was just something put together by a fan/people on the interweb, sort of like that Noah And The Whale EP. Regretless, it is a collection of wonderful lighthearted pop songs that reminds me tremendously of The Tough Alliance; I would go as far as to say The Drums are the North American version of The Tough Alliance! If you are looking for an official release by The Drums, an EP entitled Summertime! is coming out on September 15, which is becoming one of my most anticipated releases of the year after hearing what the band has to offer on the unofficial S/T EP.

Best Friend [wicked cool song]
I Felt Stupid [wicked-cool song]

Download Let's Go Surfing Digital Single from!
("Let's Go Surfing" is an amazing song... there are a couple of great remixes on this digital single as well!)

visit The Drums' MySpace here
Summertime! EP comes out on September 15th, you can pre-order it here

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