Monday, November 17, 2008

vivian girls: vivian girls

Vivian Girls’ self-titled debut is like a bag full of delicious candies. It features that 60’s girl group sound... you know, kind of like The Raveonettes; but what I love most is that Vivian Girls blends that nostalgic sound with the No Age/Times New Viking kind of noise and punk approach. I am a little upset that the album is so short; with the majority of the songs under two and a half minutes long and the total running time just under 22 minutes, I found myself putting the album on repeat all the time. Aside from that minor downside, Vivian Girl is delightfully raw, fantastically up-tempo, and insanely entertaining!

Wild Eyes [wicked-cool song]
Going Insane [wicked-cool song]
I Believe in Nothing
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Anonymous said...

Not bad. But I prefer Japanther over this band and No Age. It's just more fun. Check that!