Monday, November 24, 2008

port o'brien: all we could do was sing

Port O'Brien began a solo act by Van Pierszalowski, but has since added more members to his indie folk project including the beautiful voice of Cambria Goodwin. Their album, All We Could Do Was Sing, grips me right in with their Akron/Family-like (without the experimental aspect) up-tempo chanting in "I Woke Up Today". The duo continues to impress with their beautiful harmonic singing in "Fisherman’s Son". Port O’Brien’s folk-rock style kind of makes me think of a combination of Great Lake Swimmers, The Decemberists, and The Dodos. All We Could Do Was Sing sounds gorgeous and it is slowly creeping up on my year-end list.

I Woke Up Today [wicked-cool song]
Fisherman's Son [wicked-cool song]
Will You Be There? [wicked-cool song]
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