Thursday, February 23, 2012

pop. 1280: the horror

Out of the two dozen records I've heard in this young year so far, Pop. 1280's debut, The Horror is the one that stands out for me. Pop. 1280 plays a very atmospheric type of music—not dreamy and calming atmospheric like Grouper, but rather the opposite. Pop. 1280's The Horror is moody like a nightmare-ish soundtrack, think David Lynch's Lost Highway. The finest moments come from "Nature Boy", "Bodies in the Dunes" and "West World"—those are dark, sinister and chaotic noisy tracks... they add to the fascinatingly unique experience of The Horror! If you ever wonder what a louder and faster version of Suicide + Joy Division would sound like, this is it.

Here's an older version, from Pop. 1280's The Grid EP

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