Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sharks: the joys of living 2008–2010

So I've been listening to Sharks' compilation album, The Joys Of Living 2008–2010 on repeat for the past two months. I think this is a good time to post about the band/album since they will be playing at this year's NXNE (Saturday, June 18, The Opera House @ 7pm!) I am going to make this post short and sweet: Sharks has the soulful and nostalgic Americana sound of The Gaslight Anthem and the punk attitudes of The Clash; and The Joys Of Living 2008–2010 is full of wicked rock and roll sing-along anthems!

Love these lines from" It All Relates"
"We’d steal, but not to break common trade, but for desire to create / To give back what we took in and watch it bloom from the beginning again."

The Joys of Living [wicked-cool song]
Common Grounds [wicked-cool song]

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