Monday, May 16, 2011

the king blues: punk & poetry

The King Blues’ Punk & Poetry has been my favourite album of the past month. I just can’t get enough of this unbelievably catchy and lyrically brilliant album. This is the best protest album I have heard in a long time. The open track, "Last Of The Dreamers" sets the album up perfectly: "...This is for the outcasts, the freaks and the schemers/This is for the last of the dreamers." What singer/writer Itch does so entertainingly well is his ability to include humour (often in a mocking fashion) to his serious subject matters—"Five Bottles Of Shampoo" is an amazing example of how he can insert slight humour in a song about gender discrimination/sexism. Punk & Poetry really has everything—punk attitudes, folk passion, it is inspiring, angry and lively... and even if you don’t pay attention to Itch’s great lyrics, you would enjoy the album simply for its insanely catchy chorus!

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