Thursday, May 27, 2010

harvey milk: a small turn of human kindness

A Small Turn of Human Kindness, Harvey Milk’s latest is definitely not an album for everyone. In many ways, this new record reminds me of Monoliths & Dimensions by Sunn O)))—they both have the moody doomsday vibe, and both albums feature incredible lengthy drone and crashing build-ups. The 7 songs on A Small Turn of Human Kindness are threaded together to sound like one epic piece of music, established by the roaring riffs in the opening track "*" and the aggressive vocal in the following song; this cohesiveness is surely the strength of the record! A Small Turn of Human Kindness by Harvey Milk is irresistibly loud and mesmerizingly atmospheric... it is a damn fine record!

I Know This Is All My Fault [wicked-cool song]

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