Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the soft pack: the soft pack

It is insane how much I am enjoying the S/T album by The Soft Pack. There are so many reasons to obsess over The Soft Pack: it is fast pace, upbeat and full of positive and carefree energy; the record is full of mouth-watering surf guitar solos/melodies and noisy garage sound; and it sounds like a hybrid of surf punk and indie pop... think of a less raw Agent Orange or Skate Korpse combined with the indie pop sound of Nada Surf. The Soft Pack came out at the worst and best time—it seems wrong to listen to this on cold winter weather; but it will definitely brighten those gloomy winter days!

Down On Loving [wicked-cool song]
Flammable [wicked-cool song]

visit The Soft Pack's MySpace here
The Soft Pack came out today! Buy it here


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