Monday, January 25, 2010

these new puritans: hidden

With Beat Pyramid being my third favourite album of 2008 and one of my favourites of the decade, These New Puritans’ sophomore release, Hidden is by far my most anticipated album of this year. Let me dive right into it: Hidden is a lot like Beat Pyramid, but far more superior. Everything I loved about the first album—the mysterious atmosphere, the killer rhythms and drumbeats, the grand sound and incredible production—is somehow even better... far better in the new record! While Beat Pyramid sounds triumphant and celebratory, Hidden sounds epic and majestic, like an ancient noble battle. I am not going to write much more as I am far too excited about this album to stay cohesive. First Beat Pyramid and now Hidden—which I can’t imagine being out of my top 5 at the end of the year (I know, it’s only January)—TNP proofed to be one of the most talented bands in recent years. I don’t usually rate albums here, but if I were to, I would give Hidden a perfect 10; it is absolutely brilliant, a true masterpiece!

Three Thousand [super-wicked-cool song]
Attack Music [super-wicked-cool song]

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