Sunday, August 23, 2009

our brother the native: sacred psalms

Our Brother The Native is not everyone's cup of tea. Their new full-length, Sacred Psalms is one of the most experimental and unique sounding records I have heard this year. The unconventional elements are what make the album so appealing—it is full of unstructured compositions, scattered sounds and random noises; in addition, there is no solid form of direction in any of the songs; but once in a while, you get the Akron/Family and Animal Collective-like psychedelic rhythms—seriously, there are like a million fascinating things to discover! I really don’t see anyone falling in love with Sacred Psalms right from the first listen, it will most likely take a while to get into; however, once you are used to the avant-garde sound, it will become apparent that it is quite an amazing record!

Awaken [wicked-cool song]
Endless Winter [wicked-cool song]

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