Friday, April 24, 2009

lawrence english: a colour for autumn

Lawrence English is back with another beautiful collection of dreamy ambient songs in A Colour For Autumn. The seven tracks are carefully stringed together to create a cohesive sound while each track stills maintain its own personality. The opener, "Droplet" feels like a transformation/transitional track... maybe it is a follow-up to English’s last seasonal-themed album, For Varying Degrees of Winter. A feeling of anticipation hangs in tracks like "Watching It Unfold" and "The Prelude To". My favourite song on the album belongs to "The Surface Of Everything". I absolutely love the recurring sound in the background—either the wave or wind blowing through trees, I am not quite sure what it is—regardless, I love the added effect! Lawrence English is a genius at creating atmospheric music and A Colour For Autumn is just exceptional… it is also one of the most calming and relaxing albums I have ever heard.

Watching It Unfold
The Surface Of Everything [wicked-cool song]

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